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Lian Minstrel takes Bamenda by storm in Gospel Concert

Lian Minstrel performing on stage

The population of Bamenda was thrilled in a Gospel Live Concert by Lian Minstrel. The event that was held on Sunday, November 14, pulled together other gospel artists and lovers of gospel music to the  Baptist Center Hall in Nkwen, Bamenda III Municipality, Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

Being an initiative of Beyond Company, the Director Roland Tefu explains it wasn't an easy task getting everything set for the concert but God has his way.

"It has been a very challenging experience getting here today. When God laid in our hearts it was time for Lili to have this concert, we kept procrastinating. It has been the handwork of God taking us through. We had no money to get a hall and when the money was available, the halls had all been booked. Our major keyboard for the event suddenly went bad amidst other challenges that left us with the impression the concert wouldn't hold but at every step, we realized God had a better plan", Roland Tefu explained.

The huge crowd that turned out for the event after the sad happenings of Friday, November 12, 2021, when a young girl was killed by a uniform officer served as an opportunity for people to pray for a return to peace.

"We didn't expect this crowd after the happenings over the weekend. Our God is able, he can change the current situation of Bamenda and I appreciate you all for coming and hope you are not going back same", Roland added.

Asked why the choice of Bamenda for this first concert, Director Roland narrates..."The crisis in Bamenda, Lian Minstrel is from Bamenda and we thought it wise to encourage the population and take their minds away from the negativity that has characterized this crisis. We want to portray love and show his love still abides in us all".

During the Live Concert, Lian Minstrel in close to five songs kept all on their feet in praise and worship.

She revealed that her inspiration behind this concert is attributed to all that has been happening within the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon since 2016.  

"The happenings with the ongoing Anglophone Crisis since 2016 serve as an inspiration behind this concert. I was born and raised here and have a burden for this city. When I looked at all happening in Bamenda, I said this concert will act as a program to consolidate and bring peace to the hearts of those living in Bamenda. My heart cries out to all the city of Bamenda has been through and that is how we arrived at the concept of this concert", Lian revealed.

She went further to say that the concert is a breakthrough for her.

"I have always had dreams about this day. Despite the awards I have won, I will get into the studio after this, work on the songs properly for a release. It hasn't been easy as a female gospel artist to reach this point as some challenges face range from people thinking a woman can do and succeed in music and I am wrongly judged because of my style. Being a student and running programs like this are financially challenging as well".

Liam Minstrel also known as Anyam Lilian is from a family of six. She is a graduate of Performing and Visual Arts.

Away from doing music she is a Make-up Artist and is using all potentials given to her by God for his praise and started singing professionally from the age of 15.

Beyond Company is giving the music the face even though they have been in existence for just four months. Promoting live music, nurturing talents that reflect Bamenda and Cameroon.

As a new company, they are in partnership with the Ministry of Arts and Culture.

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  1. The concert was a blast. I was particularly bless. All thanks to the vocal goddess Lian Minstrel

  2. A very big thank you to Beyond for yielding themselves to be led by the HolyGhost.
    Much Love, Beyond and LianMinstrel.


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