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Water Crisis in Bamenda I: Senator Kemende Henry donates borehole water point

The population of Alaatin II and Achichem I, GRA Upstation, Bamenda I municipality of the North West region will henceforth be free from the water crisis in the,r area. This was after the official handing over of a borehole water point to the people by Senator Kemende Henry.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, Senator Kemende said he decided to do this because of what the population goes through during the dry season.

"It was the suffering I witnessed. If I was not living in this quarter, I wouldn't have believed GRA of all places could be suffering from the water crisis. It was painful seeing my people digging the river beds behind my house just to get water, especially during the dry season. I felt so bad and prayed to God to give me the strength and the resources to do something for them so that they don't suffer again. And God answered my prayers and here we are today", Senator Kemende said.

Senator Kemende Henry

Being a senator from the Ngoketunjia division, many expected him to carry out such a project in his division of origin. However, the senator believes their own time will come.

"God's time is the best, I have not forgotten about them. Just that I saw how these people were suffering and I said let me do something. Theirs is on its way, he answered. I am a senator for the region and not a particular place meaning I can support developmental projects anywhere", he explained.

To sustain the water point, Senator Kemende disclosed that a carwash park has been created in the area to raise money for repairs in case of any fault.

Earlier, the mayor of Bamenda I municipality, Mbigha Njah Felix told those present that development and politics don't have color.

Mayor Mbigha Njah Felix addressing the population 

"Though not from the Bamenda I municipality, he thought it wise to bring water to the area. This shows us that politics has no color", Mayor Mbigha Felix said.

While encouraging other politicians to emulate senator Kemende's gesture, he described the donation as the best gift for the municipality because water is life.

Fon of Bamendakwe, HRH Fon Forchesiri III 

Before the cutting of the ribbon by the representative of North West governor, the Fon of Bamendakwe, HRH Fon Forchesiri III invoked the spirits of the ancestors and said incantations for the gods to watch over the borehole as he poured palm wine in typical traditional style.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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