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Bamenda: Draufsicht trains Journalists, Communicators on Eco Journalism

Some participants during the zoom session

Environmental pollution is increasingly a problem in Bamenda, Cameroon like in most parts of the country, where the environmental consequences of development cannot be ignored. 

The effects of climate change are widespread, as it will cause issues with deforestation, water supplies, oceans, and ecosystems. Each of these has widespread implications of its own, marking climate change as the major environmental issue the planet faces today.

How then can journalists or journalism be an important tool in conserving the environment? It is against this that Draufsicht Bamenda has drilled some journalists and communicators on Eco-Journalism.

The session that took place via Zoom Friday, December 3, 2021, was held on the topic "Eco Journalism, a Contributions to a Sustainable Future".

During the session, the facilitator, Wirsiy Burinyuy, said eco journalism or environmental journalism is to break down the interconnection that exists between man and the environment so that the layman can support and promote sustainable development and it also enables people to know more about the health of the planet.

Wirsiy Burinyuy

He reminded the journalists and communicators that they need to generate debates around the environment noting that taking care of the environment is creating peace within one's self.

Cameroon is often regarded as an Africa miniature. For journalists and communicators to contribute to preserving the Flora and Fauna of Cameroon, they need to create awareness about biodiversity, water resources amongst others.

Wirsiy Burinyuy noted that most information about the environment is mainly on academic jargon and journalists have the task of bringing this to the easy understanding of the layman. 

"Environmental policies are needed to be translated to the layman and journalists are at the center of it", he said.

Dzebam Godlove, coordinator Draufsicht Bamenda

Earlier, the coordinator of Draufsicht Bamenda, Dzebam Godlove Ayaba, noted that journalists have a vital role to play to safeguard the environment. He said Draufsicht Bamenda is all about seeing local answers to global questions.

"We think Global, Act Local. So Draufsicht is about GLOCALISATION", he said.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. It was an edifying session on learning that we all need to create environmental awareness


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