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Bamenda I Council adopts Budget, sets priorities for 2022

Councilors of the Bamenda I Council have voted in unanimity the 2022 budget of the council which is balanced in income and expenditure at 889.998.456 FCFA.

The budget which sees an increase of 120.690.000 FCFA seeks to engage the council in major projects across the subdivision in 2022.

Mayor Mbigha Njah Felix says the budget took into consideration the development of the Bamenda I municipality with the annual development plan of the council area which is focused more on water and roads.

Mayor Mbigha Felix addressing the councilors

Mayor Mbigha Felix noted that the budget is just a projection and work needs to be done to attain it.

"This is just a projection and we need to work hard to attain the budget. As it is a projection, we must see into it that we realize this projection. So we need all the elites, councilors and all the inhabitants of Bamenda I yo realize. The budget is for the community, not the council", the mayor noted.

Amongst some projects in the pipeline for the Bamenda I municipality, the mayor announced that synthetic turf will be planted at the Ntaafi school field and a tribune constructed, bridge to be constructed at Bangshie, equipping the health centre, the building of more sheds in the market, amongst others.

Cross-section of the councilors

In the course of the session, the councilors through City Councilor Pius Kitang pleaded with the administration represented by Mezam SDO and Supervisory authority, Simon Emile Mooh to create more avenues for revenue collection since the subdivision is mostly made up of administrative offices. He pleaded with the supervisory authority to see into it that council subventions from the state come in.

In his closing remarks, the Supervisory authority called on the councilors to encourage the mayor to seek more funds and credit to develop the municipality. He made mention of the water crisis the municipality is facing and called on the mayor to look for avenues to solve the problem.

By Nji Nelson Chefor and Tantan Patience Fenibee

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