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Bamenda II council adopts 2022 budget with people-centered projects earmarked

The mayor of Bamenda II council, Chenwi Peter has alongside the councilors of his municipality on Thursday, December 23rd at Ayaba hotel voted the 2022 budget of the council with revenue and expenditure amounting at 1.8 billion F CFA.

Having had an increment of 200 million FCFA this budget will be used to develop the municipality, provide for its denizens as well as create employment.

To the mayor, being aware that ways of raising income will not be easy, he intends to purchase equipment for road construction which will be available for renting and the building of low-cost houses that will also serve as a means of raising income for the municipality.

Mayor Chenwi Peter

To justify this budget, the mayor stated that some of the projects that will be carried out; the construction of the Ntangka health center which will cost about 50 million, the construction of bridges, the building of borehole amongst others. All these not dependent on subventions reason why the mayor has lobbied for projects to sustain his municipality.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, mayor Chenwi Peter stated that he executed about 95% of his projects though some were not due to challenges.

I executed almost 95% of my projects and those that were not executed were because of challenges but they are now ongoing presently”.

When asked about challenges such as potholes and lack of water faced by people in his municipality and what he will do about it he said “at our level, we have been trying to see how we will maintain the roads…temporarily we’ve been borrowing equipment from the city council to see how we can maintain our local environment and with the increase in our budget we will be able to acquire equipment to start proper work to serve the municipality

The other areas the council will be handling with the budget include the additional building of boreholes in areas like Oldtown, Mulang, and Ntamulung through assistance from FEICOM which will solve the problem of water.

Also, there will be the construction of 13 low-cost houses that will kick start come January 2022 with 307 million frs CFA slated for it. He says this will enhance development.

I look at the situation in my office where people come for rent….we have to look for criteria through which we can accommodate this person and assist the community because the essence of the council is to help the community and for those who have been displaced if there are state officials who can pay a percentage of the money then that will be done. So the essence is to help the community and also generate income in the society", Chenwi Peter said.

Present during the budgetary council session was the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam who applauded the idea and efforts made by the Lord Mayor and councilors despite the challenges faced.

By Tantan Patience

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