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Cameroon: Chomba village gets New King

New Fon of Chomba village

Chomba is a village in Bamenda II Municipality under Bamenda City Council in Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The village is located some six Kilometers outside the capital city of Bamenda, headquarters of the North West Region.

Chomba is noted for its hilly landscape and rocky terrain. The population of Chomba is made up of two groups of people: the indigenes who are part of the Ngemba Tribe, and the Fulanis who are migrant settlers.

On December 18, 2021, the people of Chomba were guests to thousands of people from far, near, and wide, who thronged the village to witness the enthronement of their new traditional ruler and king.

The enthronement came on the heels of the disappearance of King Fobuzie II Martin Asanji who ascended the throne in 1967 as the 10th Fon of Chomba. King Fobuzie II, it should be recalled, disappeared from the surface of the earth on October 02, 2021.

The new traditional ruler of Chomba people - King Asanji II - thus succeeded his father in a colorful ceremony that took place on December 18, 2021, at the Chomba Ceremonial Plaza, in front of the Chomba Palace.

Speaking to a college of Pressmen and women in Chomba during the ceremony, Akamantso Prof Cho-Ngwa Fidelis, elite of Chomba who is Director of the National Higher Polytechnic Institute, Bambili, Tubah, said the enthronement gives the people of Chomba reasons to be hopeful for a new and prosperous reign of the new King.

"The old King is gone. A new one has come. We have found our King again. We are happy people. Today gives us hope for a bright future," Prof Cho-Ngwa stated.

Ma Ala of Chomba, Mrs . Moma Lydia Ateh, on her part said the period of mourning was over, making way for joy and celebration in the enthronement of the new Fon of Chomba. "Chomba people can now feel that they have a father," she said.

Meanwhile in his address to thousands of people present at the ceremony to enthrone King Asanji II, the President-General of Chomba Development and Cultural Association, CHODECA, Tangie Samson Annuh Atanga paid tribute to all who did one thing or the other towards the success of the occasion.

Annuh Atanga urged every son and daughter of Chomba to rally behind the new leader for the development of the village. "We are no longer sheep without a shepherd. Our young David will lead us through a bright future for Chomba," CHODECA President-General said.

A host of traditional rulers from around Mezam Division were present to give their young colleagues a befitting welcome and assurances of their support in the new and daunting task the young King was inheriting and assuming.

The ceremony was graced by a thrilling horse display by Fulani horsemen. There were also traditional dances by dance groups from Chomba and some neighboring villages.

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