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SINCE 1972: NAEC takes us down memory lane to dig solutions to the present crisis

Noble Arts Entertainment Company (NAEC) has equipped young men and women in Bamenda with knowledge on how they can contribute positively to the end of the crisis. This was done Sunday, December, 19th December 2021 in a show they titled “Since 1972”. The event brought together influential young men and women, dressed in enticing 60s and 70s attire, who shared ideas on what can be done to improve the state of the country.

In a panel discussion on the role of youths in facilitating the peace process in the North West region, Pedmia Shatu, a journalist and social media influencer who was one of the panelists stressed the phrase “Think before you click”.

She mentioned that messages should not just be forwarded as received without fact-checking as it might have adverse effects on both the receiver and the society at large. She ended with the take-home message “if what you post does not build, it should not destroy”. The other panelists that included a religious authority, a social worker,  and the CEO of NAEC called on youths to wake up and use their social media platforms to preach peace.

Theatre performance on “Since 1972” was the climax of the event. It touched on our present realities and showed how customs and traditions are put first before the happiness of the younger people, how youths are shot dead without mercy, and their loved ones left bleeding and wailing.

It equally called on us all to reflect on what our society has turned into and what will be left of the society if the crisis persists. The play drew the emotions of all present and sobs could be heard across the hall.

According to the CEO of the company, Mr. Menkemndi Randy, the event was a necessity especially for youths to visit the past and sort ideas to lay the foundation stone for the future because the present has already been ruined.

We organized the event because we saw the need to contribute our talents to join the voices of the so many people crying for the crisis to come to an end. It was all about using theatre to evaluate where this crisis started and where we are right now and what we can do as youths to see the crisis end soonest” he mentioned.

The event ended with the CEO calling on the youths to restitute everything they learned from the event back to their various communities and that for this change to happen, it needs the collective efforts of us all no matter how small it may seem.

By Akalambi Clare

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