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University of Bamenda: CADS students drilled on creating, operating blogs

CADS students during the training

The workshop which took place in one of the halls on campus saw the presence of over 50 students and was facilitated by UBa's Radio Operator, Ngong Song Jean Marie.

The blog creation is however in a bit to fulfill the requirements to validate the course “Online Communication” as per the instructions of the course lecturer Dr. Manzie Victor.

The Radio Operator Ngong Song Jean Marie guided the students on the various steps to create a blog from beginning till the end.

According to some students, the process of creating these blogs is easy but to others, it was a difficult task to overcome.

Talking to Bidmia Christabel, one of the students who attended the training, she expresses the difficulties she had to go through before finally creating a blog.

Network connection made it difficult to catch up with my classmates in creating the blog and also the inability to access the computer made it difficult to access the blog creation, but as time went on it became better and I succeeded in creating one”, she said.

Senjoh Noela on her part expresses the joy she felt when creating her blog, “Although the network was a big hindrance to creating my blog, I was very happy I didn't find the process difficult as I got to create and publish my story without much stress”.

Blogging will help the students gain good writing skills which will boost their careers after graduation.

By Ngwene Noelly Thelma

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