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Bafut Council Adopts Inclusive Development Projects for 2022

Mayor Bafut council, DO of Bafut, and other dignitaries

The councilors of the Bafut council have alongside their mayor unanimously adopted the budget for the 2022 financial year.

Adopted with an increment of over 219 million FCFA, the budget is set to be used for the construction of bridges, schools, farm to market roads which will enable the transportation of products to markets and take care of the people living with disabilities.

Taking into consideration the security conditions of Bafut, Mayor Ngwakongoh says it will be easy for him to raise revenue as he intends to make use of natural resources.

If I was able to generate over 300 million to realize projects in Bafut then it is very simple that I can generate the 219 million that makes the difference between the 2021 and 2022 budget….we will still raise our revenue through our natural resources and other means that we think we could do….the increase in the number of projects in Bafut is as a result of our teamwork and we have emerged first. We are at the top”, he said.

Taking note of the fact that Bafut has been shortlisted for reconstruction, the mayor stated that he has received a call from UNDP authorities congratulating him for having emerged first in project execution in the region.

"He told me on the phone that Bafut has been shortlisted for reconstruction and a list of projects that we are to start with are already in place. We are ready to make Bafut come to what it's supposed to be".

He further says this choice comes as a result of the peace in Bafut. “Peace has normally returned in Bafut if not the reconstruction commission would not have earmarked Bafut and also because of its ways of implementation of its projects. We know that the projects are executed according to specification and up to standard.”

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence

Emphasizing the hospital projects, Mayor Ngwakongoh expressed the desire he has for pregnant women to have a safe delivery.

I want every woman in Bafut who labors to deliver within her community not moving kilometers away as many of them have lost their children because of distance and no means to transport then so that touches me

By Tantan Patience

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