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MTN Cameroon designated Best Telecommunications company for 2021

Cameroon's Telecommunication giants, MTN have been endorsed as the best telecommunication company for the year 2021.

According to a release from the leading network operator dated January 12, 2022, two renowned agencies, Rhode & Schwarz and Umalut have accredited them the prize of best overall network in Cameroon following their performance in providing its users with quality services.

According to Rohde and Schwarz report to MTN Cameroon, about 9000km was covered and 69000 tests were carried out across the ten regions of Cameroon, to access the telecommunication network with the best quality voice calls, online data transfer, video streaming, internet browsing amongst others. Following the approach and standards of the International Telecommunication Union, MTN Cameroon emerged winners with the best performance amongst other network services.

"Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual AG used a fully transparent, harmonized, and user-centered measurement methodology. The calculation of the overall performance was also based on this approach. This methodology includes the key aspects of mobile communications services and the network performance results reflect the perception of users daily, regardless of the technology available".

Similarly in a congratulatory message to MTN Cameroon, Umalut CEO Hakan Ekmen, highlighted that, within six months, its podium gathered and examine 175 million samples from over 74000 clients being fair and transparent, the assessment wind up in MTN's favor proving that the Telecommunication company is the overall best in latency and speed download section.

"Congratulations to MTN Cameroon. Our analysis method is the de facto industry standard because we evaluate the global digital infrastructure fairly and transparently".

Following the recognition, MTN Cameroon's Boss Stephen Blewett noted that MTN Network remains undefeated in Cameroon. He elucidated that the prize award is due to the company's improvements and investment in technology, equipment, and most importantly qualified staff.

"This achievement is the result of significant and sustainable investments over more than 20 years now. Investments in equipment, technology and above all inexperienced and motivated men and women", he said.

Operating in Cameroon for the past 2 decades, MTN Network covers 97% of the population in Cameroon through 2G, 3G, 4G, and or 4.5G technologies. With over 10million users, the telecommunications giant is working towards a more extensive and sustainable network quality.

By Pechuqui Laurata

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