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Youth Day 2022: Bafut Mayor enjoins Youth to engage in Volunteerism, advocate for a return of Peace

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence of Bafut

Celebrated this year on the theme
"Youth and Voluntary Participation in Major Challenges of Cameroon" the mayor of Bafut council, Ngwakongoh Lawrence has in his address to the youth of Bafut called on them to cultivate their spirit in volunteerism which is the gateway to employment.

Ngwakongoh Lawrence reminded the youths that volunteering gives them an upper hand in the job market. Hence they should volunteer for their parents and volunteer to develop their beloved municipality Bafut.

Commemorating this year's youth day when many youths within the Bafut community have been deceived by people living in their comfort zones to pick up arms against the state, mayor Ngwakongoh says it's time to stop.

"Most of you with great talents have been killed while others have wounds that have left an indelible mark in their lives. Now is the time, now is the time to tell these diasporans that enough is enough. Now is the time to stay away from violence and embrace peace. My brothers and sisters, come to think of it, for over these five years, what have we youth of Bafut Community gained? Nothing I say Nothing. We have become beggars, our community is in ruin, terror everywhere. Let's unite and develop our community Bafut. Let's come together and make Bafut great again", he stated.

Taking a look at the educational system in the region in general and Bafut in particular, the mayor noted that the educational system is down.

"Our children no more go to school as before. Where is our Saint Albert, Almighty COTTEC, St Joseph, just to name but these that were always standing tall when education is concerned in the North West Region? These schools and others are all in ruin", the mayor said.

He called on the population to join forces and rebuild these establishments. He disclosed that the newly created universities in the East, North, and South regions of Cameroon will need lecturers and administrators. Due to this, he says it is time for the Bafut people to regain their classrooms to stand the chance of grabbing these jobs.

"The Fai Collins we hear today can come from Bafut. The Francis Nganou the whole world is celebrating today can come from Bafut. Let us build and not destroy", he highlighted.

Adding his voice to that of the head of state, President Paul Biya, Ngwakongoh Lawrence said the problems of the youth are his priority.

"The head of state President Paul Biya said yesterday in his message to the youth that Your problems are priorities future in this my seven years mandate which I as your Mayor will follow till the later until you all benefits from the employment opportunities. He also said that efforts are being made by the state to create more jobs for youth. "600 thousand jobs are created yearly and it is for your youth", said the president and you youth of Bafut, it is time for us to grab these opportunities".

The mayor noted that though the challenges are many, he called on the Bafut people to be united because it's the only way they can overcome the challenges.

To this effect, he pledged his support to all the youth of Bafut and said he is ready to develop the municipality with a peaceful approach.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence promised that holiday jobs will be created for the youth of Bafut and a football competition sponsored by the council will be organized.

By Nji Nelson Chefor and Tantan Patience Fenibee

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