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Big - G Snack Bar rejuvenating life in Bamenda, throws pool party on March 19

BIG G snack bar a , three star Hotel and relaxation joint situated at Mile 3 few meters away from S-bend junction is offering a unique oppurtunity to the population of Bamenda and beyond. Main stream Bamenda town and its environs have gone through a lot of difficulties and as they wail, many have come face to face with stress longing for a unique opportunity to catch fun . In his role to help the population wade off the stress, the CEO of BIG-G Snack bar and rentals services is offering a grand VIP Pool party. The showdown Saturday 19th, March 2022 is aimed at providing all and sundry with a loose environment for relaxation. The vicinity located away from the hurdles of daily life under a scoring sun though easily accessible provides a snack bar, VIP medically treated swimming pool, restaurant, snookers and game house, cabaret and children play ground. The one stop relaxation spot is built thanks to a unique Japanese designed materials to offer a Disney world to the people of Bamenda. Her neatly and cultured service providers stands ready 24\7 to respond to your needs. He also provides car rental services and directives to new comers into the town of Bamenda. The pool party shall also be a moment to dance to the rhythm of hot music. BIG G Our home of Pleasure.

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