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Bamenda: CSM trains young journalist on honorable journalistic practices

Community Solutions Media, CSM,  has on Saturday 16th April 2022, brought together over 20 young journalists ranging from the ages of 18 to 28 for a one-day workshop which took place at Blue Pearl Hotel, Nkwen Bamenda.

The workshop saw these young journalists gain knowledge on hate speech, reporting child abuse and child protection issues in conflicts, fake news, countering fake news, understanding gender, GBV reporting in conflicts, and other internet vices.

While talking about "Becoming a successful and Independent Journalist" SAH Terence Animbom the CEO and founder of CSM stated that, a successful and independent journalist should be persistent, consistent, and follow the ethics of journalism.

"I call you people the new breed journalist because I believe you people have a lot of energy and are the ones to correct mistakes of the past," Terence said

Defining a child as every human being below the age of 18, Jose Pearl one of the facilitators beckoned the young journalists to always protect children when reporting. She went further by adding that in crisis times children should never be put at risk. Journalists should pay attention to the child's rights to privacy and consult people closest to the child while avoiding stigma and anything that exposes these children to negative attribution.

Jose Pearl, Facilitator

Drilling the participants on Fact-checking and countering fake news and other internet vices, Pedmia Shatu a digital rights activist divided the particip
ants into two groups engaging them in differentiating between Facts and Opinions which help in the fact-checking wrong information. She also brought in Fact-Checking tools such as Tineye and google image reverse which can be used to check the validity of some information.

Pedmia Shatu

The new breed journalists series is a program by the Community Solutions Media aimed at instilling honorable journalistic values in the younger generation of journalists with the hope of discouraging militant and sentimental reporting. They also hope to encourage fair, objective, balanced, and ethical journalistic practices.

By Tantan Patience

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