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2022/2023 School Year: HIBMAT University Institute of Buea opens doors to New Students

HIBMAT University Institute of Buea has opened its doors to new students for the 2022/2023 academic year.

As the bells of the 2022/2023 ring, the school has opened its doors and launched admission for Advanced Level holders to start flooding in and secure their admission.

For the upcoming academic year, the school is offering three-year training in Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Midwifery, and Pharmacy Technology with candidates expected to write the HND after the program.

The renowned HIBMAT University Institute of Buea in the Fako division of the South West region during the Higher National Diploma exams emerged second best nationwide.

The ranking was released by the Ministry of Higher Education and signed by The Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof  Jacques Fame Ndongo.

HIBMAT University Institute of Buea had the recognition after 279 of her students wrote the HND this year with 273 succeeding with flying colors. The figures according to the Ministry of Higher Education show a success rate of   97.85%. This put the school on spot number two nationally. Many have been describing the exploit as representative of the institution that continues to maintain quality and sustaining high education standards.

Known as a school of excellence in all ramifications, HIBMAT has over the years been noted for producing competent technicians in the various fields it offers.

Trainees from the institution continue to lead the way in contributing to nation-building. HIBMAT-trained professionals have remained exceptional in what many say reflects the quality of management and teaching staff the school boasts of.

Characterized by a conducive learning environment and a qualified staff, HIBMAT University Institute of Buea remains one of those higher institutions in the country that has remained consistent.

It should be noted that the Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology, HIBMAT was created in 2010 and for the past 12 years, it has trained over 17000 students.

The unique nature of the school is usually a crowd puller as many find it a privilege to be chosen among the many that seek admission into the school.

The founders left a legacy that the new generation is following squarely to maintain the bar that has been raised so high.

HIBMAT, therefore, stands as a first-rate institute of learning for those who wish to acquire skills that will enable them stand out in the job market and entrepreneurship.

Its doors are open to receive, train and produce technicians who will participate in the 2035 developmental strive of the country.

It is located at Checkpoint Molyko Buea for Campus A and Bokova Road in Molyko Buea for Campus B. All is set for a fresh start.

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Numbers for further information is +237 676619572/ +237 683701720

HUIB, The University Institute for Professionals

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