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Lebialem denizens takes commitment to revive Division

Sons and Daughters of Lebialem division in the South West region of Cameroon have taken some resolutions to make their division great again. This was at the Buea Mountain Hotel on Saturday, August 13, 2022, during the Lebialem Socio-Economic conference organized under the patronage of the Minister delegate to the Minister of Economy Planning and Regional Development, Minister Paul Tasong Njukang, and the Secretary-General at the South West Governor's office, Nkweti Gilbert.

The conference had as its main focus, " where are we?, where do we want to be?" and it brought together delegates from three subdivisions of Lebialem; Alou, Wabane, and Menji to see how they can bring Lebialem back to life.

Minister Paul Tassong addressed the population

During his address, minister Paul Tasong encouraged participants to be frank and resourceful in their contributions to making Lebialem great. He described Lebialem as a dark spot, making it a top priority to see that human life is back to normalcy in Menji. To him, the conference is the beginning of togetherness in Lebialem.

"Today is the beginning of solidarity and mobilization drive in Lebialem… we must stand up and say no, we can turn the situation around within a very short time, Today we will access what we have done and what we failed to do”, he said.

As some of the resolutions taken by the Fons of Lebialem in an extra-ordinary meeting which took place in Buea on August 12, 2022, to take stock of the socio-economic and political situation in their Division, they appreciated the increasing collaboration of Lebialem sons and daughters with the forces of law and order, appreciating all those who have dropped their weapons so far and left the bushes and encouraged those still in the bush to drop their arms and join the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration center.

They called on the sons and daughters of Lebialem at home and abroad to put their hands on deck to ensure the return of peace in the entire Division particularly in Menji, the divisional headquarters, while appreciating the renewed confidence in the sons and daughters of Lebialem Division as seen in the appointment of Mr. Fombele Mathias Tayem, as the Senior Divisional Officer of Logone and chari and Mr. Nkweti Gilbert as the Secretary-General at the Southwest Governor’s Office.

In the same light the appointment of the new Senior Divisional officer of Lebialem, Ambang Carl Fabian who has been supportive of the process of peacebuilding in Lebialem Division, invited the entire population of Lebialem Division at home and abroad to rally behind political leaders, the administrative officers, religious leaders, and civil society leaders to ensure effective resumption of schools and economic activities in the Division come September 2022.

Talking after the conference, the Minister stated the way forward for the Lebialem division.

"Our Division is 30 years old this year, when we look at the statistics in terms of social development, in terms of economic developments and particularly with social development, the impression we have is that we are way back in the period before which our Division was created, is like we are back to when Mundani Subdivision, we want to continue to be Lebialem Division. The situation of social lives in our division has degraded beyond the time when our division was created, this is unacceptable. Secondly, our division has been and I should say continue to be in thin e news for the bad reasons; we want to put an end to that rhetoric”.

In his closing remark, Minister Paul Tasong expressed joy while thanking all who turned out to see how their Division can return to normal again.

To complement the resolutions taken, Minister Paul Tasong picked up two points and captioned them as “The need to change the Narrative”, that is, Lebialem's sons and daughters have the absolute role to play for peace to return in the division while waiting on the Government to play its part, as he mentioned the concept of the importance of community Labour to make sure the headquarter Menji be kept clean, and, Cherish and protect everything that is theirs. Minister Paul Tasong announced some good news as some elite from the Division have raised about three million FCFA for the cleaning of the headquarters of the Division Menji. “The community should come out and clean our capital city,” Minister Tasong said.

Minister Tasong made it clear that the Resolutions taken have to be transformed into action as he suggested that three Mayors be selected to come out with a plan of action from the resolutions taken.

Mayor of Menji Council

The Mayor of Menji while matching a statement on the situation of his town and wLebialem's be done after the conference, mentioned the return of life to the town of Menji, “today is one very big day for us because our lea Minister Paul Tasong has called us here importanceons and daughters of Lebialem united around him and our Fons and we took stock and one thing came out very clear, the non-functionality of Menji which is the chief town is a show of shame for us from Lhavealem so we have seen the town is virtually abandoned particularly the section of the administrative services is grown into bushes, one thing came out very clear, in a shortest possible time let live come back to that town. The elite have put their hands together and they have enabled the process of clearing Menji, so we are thinking that in the days ahead we would band on the population that is already there and will work with community support to see how we can clean the town and make it look like a Divisional Headquarters”, Mayor of Menji Nkemasong Nicasius said.

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