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Major National Dialogue Recommendation Implementation: Follow-up Committee satisfied with progress three years after

Members of the Major National Dialogue follow-up Committee

Members of the follow-up committee of the implementation of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue have saluted the gradual return to peace in the North West and South West Regions.

Meeting at the star building, August 4, 2022, to take stalk of the progress made as far as the implementation of the recommendations of the Dialogue are concerned, 3 years after the major National Dialogue, the members all testified that despite all the odds, peace, love and harmony is returning to these regions hit by the crisis for close to six years today.

Chairing the follow-up committee meeting, the Prime minister and head of Government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute in his address buttressed the various areas in that progress has been made since the holding of the Major national dialogue, highlighting that there are still some pockets of resistance posed by the separatist fighters

On the reopening of schools, Prime minister Dion Ngute, with so much joy in his heart made evidenced by his facial expression announced with great delight that, after the drastic fall in the number of children going to school in these regions at the start of the crisis, which at a certain point went down to 20,000 in 2017 for the South West region but that number today has tripled as the South West Region counts over 91000 children going to school while the North West alone counts 71000 according to statistics of the last academic year and it seems the situation is improving as the years unfold.

The restart of agricultural activities in the regions is gradually improving as fresh-looking vegetables are in the markets of the urban centers of Cameroon from the North West Region.

PM Dion Ngute addressing the follow-up Committee members

The Prime minister mentioned they have been a significant revamping of agricultural activities in these regions as more and more people are returning to continue their farming activities that were interrupted due to the crisis. He also highlighted that even the CDC whose activities were grounded at the start of the crisis has picked up steam and has begun exporting its products to Europe and the Americas. To the delight of many, it has greatly improved the living condition of the population of these regions.

Messages of peace and love from former extremists

At the start of the crisis in 2016 hate speech was the order of the day, as brothers and sisters of the same country could not look into the eyes of each other and talk peace but today thanks to the creation of the national commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism, whose members have been doing a commendable job by preaching against hate speech. There has been a remarkable transformation as the population now upholds virtues of peace, love, reconciliation, and progress. The population is gradually turning its backs against separatists and enemies of peace.

Decentralization and the special status of the North West and South West

One of the strong recommendations of the major national dialogue was the granting of special status to the North West and South West Regions. Their linguistic, legal, socio-cultural, and educational specificity tabled a need for them to be treated differently from the other 8 regions. The public independent conciliators of these 2 regions have been appointed and are currently carrying out their duties. The house of chiefs which is a particular identity to the people of the North West and South West was put in place during the regional council elections. All these measures were taken to answer the grievances raised by the population of these regions and accommodate them in a country that is one and indivisible.

Despite the great strides, there is still a lot to do

It is true without much doubt the situation in the North West and South West has greatly improved. Schools have reopened, many separatist fighters have dropped their guns, the regions are currently under reconstruction, and love and harmony seem to be flowing down the streams of these regions but there is much that is still to be done. Separatist fighters are still in control of some parts of these regions, arms are still been trafficked, bombings and killings even in the church everywhere seems to be dark, and everywhere seems to still be In slumber. The members of the committee quite aware of these happenings brained stormed on the possible way out with hope, that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. They called on the population to be more collaborative with the government so that in the end we will laugh when all will be said and done.

Reactions of other members at the end of the meeting

The 4th session of the follow-up committee of the major national dialogue brought together people of timber and caliber. It was unique this year, as it saw the presence of some members of the diaspora.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting Mr. Paddy a very active member of the Cameroonian diaspora on the crisis said "I am very happy that I was invited to this meeting. At least there was a platform for me to air my mind. I told the members during the meeting that let those in the diaspora that has been accused of so many crimes be granted amnesty so that they can freely return to the country and give their own opinion on a possible way out of this crisis. My prayer is that they should be heard and let's all talk as brothers and sisters".

On the question of the special status, Mr. Paddy remarked that "the content of the special status should be clearly defined. I don’t believe in the form but I am interested in the details. I hope this will be looked into’’ he added.

A lot has been done to bring back peace in the 2 English-speaking parts of the country. Maybe what is left now is the sincerity to completely implement the resolutions taken during the dialogue.

The members of the follow-up committee left the meeting with much satisfaction and with hope that, things will keep improving

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