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🇨🇲Eldest GCE Laureate awarded scholarship at ICT University

The ICT University Cameroon,
has offered a fully funded
scholarship to the eldest candi-
date of the recently released GCE
Advanced Level examinations, 43-year-old, Bran-Hilda Kawas.

The resident of Buea was symbolically handed the scholarship package during a brief ceremony in Yaounde recently.

Organized at the Yaounde campus
of the ICT University, the event was attended by several states officials including the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family, Prof Marie Therese Abena Ondoa.

Chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the ICT University, Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi, the laureate of the scholarship was accompanied by her husband, who together, jetted in from Douala at the
the expense of the ICT University.

Speaking to the press shortly after the event, Minister Marie Therese Abena saluted the courage
and foresightedness of the 43-year-old woman and mother of children for returning to the classrooms despite her daily challenges as a mother and wife.

She equally hailed the ICT
University for mainstreaming gender into most programs offered at the institution.

It was a great honor for me to be invited here today because I have heard of ICT University in the media. So I came to see. The programs presented take into consideration the education of the girl child and women. The empowerment of these two targets of our ministerial department”, she said.

She said thanks to the various presentation at the ceremony,
I now have an understanding of the programs of the ICT University
which take into consideration gender issues, by encouraging young girls to get into ICT, technology, and so on

Taking the cue, the Vice Chancellor
of the ICT University, Prof Jean
Emmanuel Pondi praised the laureate for her determination and willpower.

If you don’t have willpower, you can’t do what she did”.

“We are rewarding the notion that society is based on women’s ability to groom it. Those who groom society are not men. Contrary to what Westerners think, and they are wrong, African society is centered on women. The mother is the center of African society no matter what African civilization claims”, he insisted.

For her part, the beneficiary first
thanked God for the grace before
applauding the move by the ICT

I want to thank the ICT University for giving me this scholarship. I want to say I will not disgrace them. I will put in all my best to ensure that I come out in three years in flying colors

Born in 1979, Bran-Hilda is a
Cameroonian woman, a wife and a
mother of three.
She attended CBC Primary School
and later, was enrolled in GTHS

She did Technical Secondary
Education briefly at the said institution. Unfortunately, she dropped out. She later got admitted into OIC, a vocational training institution in Buea; where she obtained a diploma in Auto-Mechanics and later secured
a fixed-term contract with RAzAl CAM.

Upon the expiration of her employment, she decided to start up a petite business to support her family. After twenty years of dropout, Bran-Hilda decided to continue her Secondary Education; where she made a remarkable comeback, passing the GCE “O” Level in six subjects.

Her progression to the Advanced
Level was direct and again, she made four papers in her first attempt at the 2022 session of GCE “A” Level.

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