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Cameroon: Senate castigates the confiscation of Baba Danpullo's properties in South Africa

The Senate of Cameroon has castigated the decision from a South African Court to confiscate the properties of business tycoon Baba Danpullo in South Africa.

Speaking recently in Yaounde, Senator Fon Chafah Isaac called on the government of Cameroon to protect not only Baba Danpullo's investment but other small Cameroonian investors based in South Africa. According to him "Aladji Baba Danpullo is a victim of injustice in South Africa" ​​ he said.

As a reminder, the Cameroonian billionaire Aladji Baba Danpullo contracted a loan of just over 21 billion CFA francs for the purchase of a building in the country of the current president Cyrille Rmaphosa. And according to Senator Chafah, "Some installments of payment of this money have not been respected for reasons known worldwide", added the senator without however specifying them.

Alhaji Baba Danpullo

He castigated how the South African justice decided the case. In terms of law, he adds, "you don't need to be a jurist to know that, when you take a loan, you have to back it up with some collaterals, and if you don't repay your debt, those things that you used to support your loan can be seized including the building whose borrowed money was used to acquire to rectify this situation, but this is not what the South African justice system did in the case of Baba Danpullo. He even had the opportunity to rectify this situation but the South African justice refused, it rather seized these goods.

In addition, instead of seizing the building whose, borrowed money was used to acquire and perhaps another good, the South African justice proceeded to the seizure of all real estate and bank accounts", Senator Chafah hammered before members of the government and senators.

He added that "you cannot owe 21 billion CFA Francs and they seized assets of more than 500 billion CFA Francs, is this justice?" he questioned.

According to him "If Baba Danpullo was South African, would he be treated like this? Would the South African justice department treat him like this?". So many questions require the intervention of the government in this affair according to Cameroonian elected officials.

Cameroon's Senate President 

Responding to Senator Chafah, the Cameroon Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lejeune MBella MBella saluted the courage and determination of Baba Danpullo while reassuring the Cameroon senators that this situation is being closely monitored by the head of state, president Paul Biya.

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