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Congratulatory message to Mr. Mekom Samuel Taleh, President-Elect of the CNYC North West Region

Bonuh Clement Che

Upon the declaration of the results of the National Youths Council President for the Northwest Region of Cameroon, we reached to Mr.Bonuh Clement Che a household name among the most dynamic youths in Cameroon in general and the North West Region in particular who was invited to do a presentation at the National Assembly today the 7/12/2022 whom the Youths of the Northwest had made several calls for him to be President and he turn down the call for reasons only him can tell us. He said,

"I am humble with all the calls dynamic youth leaders from our most cherished Region, the Northwest made for me to be candidate for the just ended elections of the CNYC regional office for the Northwest.

Given my other responsibilities and occupations, i decided not to come up as candidate. Nevertheless, i remain unconditionally grateful to all of you for believing and thinking that i could do the job. We will continue to be your servant anytime, anywhere, when ever need be.

I use this opportunity to congratulate our younger brother Mr. Mekom Samuel Taleh, the newly elected Regional President of the Cameroon National Youths Council for the Northwest.

Dear brother remember always to put our region first before any other thing. Do not betray these youths who are strongly behind you today. Go for collective work than individualistic work, go for humility than arrogance and pride. Together we shall continue to make our region great.

To Mr. Tumenta Peter, who was disqualified, remember our region come first. Work with Samuel team as a compliment for greater achievements for our Region."

We have never seen a youth with his level of resourcefulness and dynamism yet very simple and humble like him.

By Bonuh Clement Che

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