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MDDT CAMEROON'S #LETDIALOGUELEAD CAMPAIGN to engage Policy Makers, CSOs in the Call for an Inclusive Dialogue

Cross section of participants

The Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency (MDDT) a non governmental organization that seeks to create a society on social justice and enhanced development through efficient use and management of resources, have organized a round table talk with grassroots actors in the North West region to finding solutions to reducing youth radicalization and youth violence.

The national cordinator for MDDT Barrister Clifford Niba Akonteh called on participants to take inclusive actions to restoring peace in the North West and South West regions.


In a round table discuss that enjoined actors from Parliament, Municipal Councils, Regional Delegations, the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms, Principals, the Media and Civil Society organizations, participants in their various spheres gave recommendations and possible ways of mobilizing policymakers to advocate for a peaceful.resolution of the Anglophone Crisis.

Discussions focused on the causes of youth radicalization and violence, civic rights and responsibilities of the youths, love for one another, partnership with stake holders, advocacy, access to information, measures to take back arms from the "youths" as well caution on youth radicalization.

On the canadian peace offer, Barrister Clifford Niba encouraged grassroots actors and policymakers to take it in good fate and put their hands on desk to support a dialogue process.

Barrister Clifford Niba Akonteh, National Coordinator of MDDT

Speaking to the press at the end of the round table talk, the national cordinator Barrister Clifford Niba Akonteh says the initiative is a bottom up approach to knowing what citizens as stakeholders expects as resolution for peace to return to the nation.

He equally noted that the resolutions will be desserminated to parliament, diplomatic missions and all the ministries that is concerned with the crisis.

MDDT also gave a roadmap of it's activities and announced the implimentation of a civilian protection project to begin in March in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

By Etienne Nfor Liboh

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  1. #genuedialogueisneeded

  2. Good initiative but let the Canadian initiative be taken on board as a nuetral element that will help the government not to crush ordinary citizens proposals with its authoritarian policy statements as no go areas for debate.


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