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At South West Peace and Development Forum: PM's Envoy enjoins population to make Biya's Peace call a reality

PM's Envoy speaking during the forum in Buea

The Minister Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Officer, Balungeli Ebune Confiance has under the directives of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, enjoined the population of the South West Region to make the Head of State’s peace call a reality every passing day.

He made the call in Buea during the South West Peace and Development Forum which took place at the Buea Mountain hotel from Friday May 12, to Saturday May 13, 2023, under the theme “ South West, Our Region, Our Challenge, Our Common Identity”.

Call For Continous Work For peace

The Prime Minister’s representative called on the people to remain resilient in working for peace and development.

“They came and they are determined that they will sit and see how Peace normalized in this Region,” Ebune Confiance said, adding that the South West Region remains attached to the leadership of President Paul Biya.

Peace, he said, is a continuous process which every son and daughter of the region should continue to play their role.

He urged stakeholders to “Work with all the living forces of our Region for our collective development, because development has no colour, no political party, no tribe and no religion. Where a road passes, it serves everyone. The world is becoming a very small village where sectionalism is eroded by competition and excellence”.

Message Of Hope

The Prime Minister’s emissary left the over 600 delegates that thronged the forum premises with a message of resilience and hope that, South West indigenes have what it takes to achieve their dreams and desires provided they work as one.

The new air of hope sweeping across the region, stakeholders have said, is thanks to Dion Ngute’s adherence to President Biya’s peace initiative to make the English-speaking regions completely peaceful.

Even as he delivered the message of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Minister Ebune Confiance reiterated the Head of State’s message of peace and call for those still carrying arms against the state to drop them and embrace a new life.

The people of the South West Region are now more than fired up with a new zeal of determination to accompany the government in seeking the complete return of peace, disarming of those still carrying guns and reviving the development of their communities.

Among the key messages from the PM through his envoy, was the disclosure that, the government is keen on working on the recommendations arrived at over the weekend in Buea.

“The Prime Minister has asked me to reassure you beforehand that the ears and eyes of Government are particularly attentive to the deliberations and conclusions that will come up from this forum,” the Prime Minister’s envoy noted.

While highlighting the need to respect state institutions, he mentioned the directives of the Head of government for all to join in counseling youngsters still carrying guns to disarm and return to living normal lives.

Beyond this, the Prime Minister also reminded the population of the South West Region of President Paul Biya’s firm instructions for rehabilitation works on the lone National Oil Refining Company, SONARA to get underway soon.

Speaking at the event, Ebune Confiance was clear in delivering the PM’s message that, the South West Peace and Development Forum is holding within a context of President Paul Biya’s resolve to devolve powers through decentralisation.

“It gives us great pleasure that an initiative like this one is conceived, championed and implemented by the South West Regional Assembly,” the PM’s envoy said, adding that: “This is an ample proof that solutions to our challenges can only be better articulated through home-grown and locally engineered methods”.

He declared that: “This is a merit of effective decentralization and we are extremely proud of such a development...It goes without saying that this forum today is an eloquent proof that the people of the South West Region have their destiny in their Hands".

He told reporters that the South West through the mobilisation and discussions for two days showed that it does not depend on people from elsewhere to dictate the pace of things.

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